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Built by high school sweethearts, an Architect turned Luxury Wedding Planner and an Aeronautical Engineer, with a couple’s perspective.

We started Wedy for one reason: To celebrate love and start your marriage without having to break your bank, while helping small businesses in the wedding industry earn a meaningful income doing what they love.

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How It Started

Like almost every couple, Rumaiza & Anas were overwhelmed with the non-transparent processes of wedding planning. You know the drill — hidden costs, endless contact forms, waiting 4 days to hear back from their photographer, comparing quotes between 6 different PDF proposals, and tracking payments on spreadsheets with their budget and ACTUAL spend!

They were both emotional and frustrated as Rumaiza knew her way around wedding planning! She realized it was impossible to book a vendor online or figure out their availability or PRICE! (How much does a bridal bouquet even cost?!)

When one of their wedding photographers almost double booked them, they saw a huge opportunity.

Meet Rumaiza

Rumaiza is an Architect and Luxury Destination Wedding Planner. She is one of the very few wedding planners in the world who has executed a $200,000 wedding in an Indian Palace with 400 crew members on site, as well as a $30,000 intimate wedding in Palm Springs, California.

Meet Anas

Anas is an Aeronautical Engineer who has had a very non-linear career path. After completing grad school, he ended up working in the Route Planning & Revenue Management side of an airline that was restructuring itself to an ultra low cost carrier. During this time, he launched over 100 new markets across the US. And that's where he learned how technology can be used to aggregate price and inventory across millions of data points in real-time.

He felt that the wedding industry was like the travel industry from back in the 70s, , where travelers had to physically visit a travel agent's office to gather information about flight schedules and book accommodations, Anas saw an opportunity for innovation.

Husband and Wife Dynamic Duo

Together, they became obsessed on fixing the broken wedding industry!

About Wedy

Wedy is the world’s first booking platform that helps engaged couples to bundle services, book curated packages, while driving sales for wedding businesses like venues, photographers, and caterers.

With transparent pricing and packages, couples are able to browse, build and book incredible wedding packages.

Drawing from their firsthand experiences, Rumaiza and Anas set out to build a platform that would simplify the entire vendor booking process from start to finish. It had to be intuitive, chic, and above all, transparent – a stark contrast to the usual smoke and mirrors of the wedding industry.

In many ways, building Wedy is a reflection of their journey – a journey fueled by passion, perseverance, and a shared commitment to making a difference. And just like any great love story, it's one that continues to evolve and inspire, one gorgeous wedding at a time.

Why book with Wedy?


We’ve found the fun.

We've curated the best wedding packages in the most popular destinations, with an average venue and vendor rating of 4.8/5.0 stars.

Simplified wedding formula.

Venue + Base Package + Optional Add-Ons = Total Wedding Price.

Accurate price transparency.

No hidden costs. Our packages cover everything – from custom florals to catering, including taxes & service charges.

One contract and a single price tag.

Booking a wedding is a hassle with multiple vendors and contracts. Wedy provides a one-stop-shop checkout!

Not our first rodeo.

Your Wedy planner guides you through venue requirements, timelines, seating, insurance, vendor coordination, and more.

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